Friday, 27 May 2011

Why I'm Brave Today

1. I let the nurse at the hospital take blood. Even though she seemed a bit grumpy.

Also..I don't think they should be allowed to say 'gosh...I'll need to get some more containers for this much blood' before they plunge the needle in!

2. I have to do financial analysis for the business plan I am writing. I wish I could just plug in a pretty, colourful graphy.

3. I went shoe shopping and actually made a purchase. It's only five months overdue. See I hate shoe shopping. So does my mum, my friends, my fact anyone who has to experience it with me. It is a truly awful experience. But I did it!

4. Tonight I'm off to model for a fundraising fashion event. I'm not a model. 5 foot 2 would never make it in the fashion world! The brave part is not the modelling part as this will be my second...the brave part is last time my friend came to watch so at least I knew someone out there.
This time...just me & strangers. So I'll be extra brave!

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