Monday, 23 May 2011

Low-Fibre and Other Things I Hate

I hate the words low-fibre. It's cruel.

One of my largest struggles getting use to life with Crohn's disease is this low-fibre diet I'm meant to be on.

Goodbye favourite vegetable:

Goodbye delicious fruit and vegetables I love so much. Goodbye dense, brown bread. Farewell chilli, my friend.


I've never really liked you all a whole lot. You were always so sugary, unhealthy-seeming. And now you are becoming my low-fibre friends. *sigh*


  1. broccoli is my favorite as well. i crave it constantly when i can't eat it.

    enjoy but be careful with the pastries... when i have license to consume them, i tend to, well, abuse it and cripple myself with sugar :)

  2. Thanks Ragamuffin for the advice! I've definately noticed low-fibre equates to a greater amount of sugar in my diet so far so I will try to change that.


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