Tuesday, 17 May 2011

When the Dog Barks, when the Bee Stings...

These are a few of my favourite, house things!


I found this gorgeous vase at a second-hand store and I spray painted it white. It has the most beautiful detailing on it. The two soaps were an engagement present from my Aunty & Uncle. White-on-white I just love that look!

Our wedding cake toppers sit in the entrance to our house. My man chose these for the wedding and he put a lot of effort in trying to make them look like us!


 This gorgeous Royce McGlashen pottery 'bowl' was given to us as a gift. It is beautifully textured on the outside and a magnificant blue on the inside. It sits on the window sill, looking out to sea. 


 Flowers can brighten a day! I came home last Friday and two gorgeous pot plants were sitting wrapped up on the table. My mum has ordered them for me with a little note to say she was thinking of me. Aww..


Mingle 240

Mingle time!


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  1. I love all of these things! And we still have our cake topper decorating our home as well, I love it and yours :)


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