Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A New Day

On Friday we celebrate six months of marriage.

Normally, I'm not big on anniversaries and the like. But this seems like an accomplishment.

Six sometimes-challenging, sometimes-frustrating, sometimes-wonderful, sometimes-overwhelming months.

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I do believe a new season is about to begin. Mr. and I tend to work in six month blocks:

  • we were friends for about six months before he told me he wished we were more
  • it took me about six months to turn him down
  • it took a year (and the end of my last relationship) to change my mind
  • within the next six months Mr. and I were dating
  • the first six months were totally blissful
  • at the six month mark my Dad died and Mr's Mum got sick
  • we were engaged for 6 + 3 months
In 'Our Book of Life' the past six months will be titled:

'Entering Into: The Learning Curve'

The next six months, I pray, will be different. We will live with more love for God, for each other. We will have less fear of the future and learn to move forward despite health issues. We will treat each other better and hold fast to our precious vows. We will continue our learning with a season of challenges behind us.

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