Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Learning the Hard Way

Today I was contemplating the lessons in life that our parents teach us and those we learn outrselves along the way. Here are some lessons no one ever taught me and I'm learning/learnt by experience:

1. Don't Drive & Eat
It is true: don't eat sour snake lollies whilst driving on the motorway. When you start choking it is very scary.

2.  Summer, then... umm...
My man teases me so much about this because I can never remember the order of the seasons. It's not my fault, I swear, no one ever taught me as a child!

3. Following God will Colour your Life

Via Bing :)

No one ever taught me this lesson. SomeOne tugged on my heart one day and I decided I wanted to follow after God.

It wasn't an easy decision because I grew up in a family who didn't do this.

4. I am Not a Good Person
That's right. I'm not. Left to my own devices I am selfish and proud. I can be awful to my man, the one I love most and I am quick to forget God when life gets good. I am not a good person and I must remember this to keep my heart in the right place.

5. Marriage is a Massive Challenge 
I come from a broken family so I did know that marriage could be tough and painful. Nothing could have prepared me for the real challenge of is tough. In marriage I see the best and the worst of myself, of my man and it is not an easy ride. No one managed to make me grasp how much of an adventure it would be and so early on.

There are more lessons I learn each and every day. Tomorrow's resolutions?

  • Don't eat lollies on the move
  • Enjoy the season of...whatever
  • Be God's colour in the world
  • Keep humble, I'm not totally awesome
  • Marriage is a marathon and worthy of all the effort

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