Friday, 20 May 2011

Diamonds? No thanks!

Diamonds are not a girls best friend. True or false?

According to the CEA (consumer electronics association) 64% of women would rather have a digital camera than a pair of half-carat diamond stud earrring. 

I know that research is a few years old. But I wonder if that number has grown even more of us ladies discover the fun and magic of photography.

I've been looking for my ideal camera bag, which is how I came across this research. My ideal camera does not exist, I have realised. You see, I want something that isn't too bulky. I don't have a lot of gear just my camera & a couple of extra little things. I'm after a bag that doesn't look like a camera bag, you know the ones: big, black, bulky.

I want colour, I want style. I want something that will last forever. I'm not afraid to pay a bit more if it ticks all the boxes. I want something that will protect my camera because I'm a bit rough with my gear.
I like this bag because it's a bit funky. But I need something sturdier, made from leather & made to really last.

Which has led on to this thought: what if I designed my perfect bag and got it made?

It's not impossible. It's even concievable that there are other ladies out there who don't want the standard-mans-photographer bag. Hmmm....

Has anyone ever made their own bag? Or dreamed of it? Or already has their perfect bag?


  1. Thanks for visiting me at Taylor Made Home. I too would prefer a quality camera over diamonds ANY day! :)

  2. I have an Epiphanie bag and I love it. It wasn't custom made but it's definitely not a "man" bag. I thought about designing my own bag though. There are quite a few sellers on Etsy who would do custom bags. You should totally do it!!

    Thanks for stopping by Big Mario, btw. :)

    Stephanie (Big Mario)

  3. i so would prefer to have a nice digital camera. that's my next gift to myself once i get the money saved up.

  4. Just popping over to take a look at your cute blog. I think I'd like to post more pics as well.

    Take Care~


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