Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Seeking out Beauty

There is beauty to be found and moments to be had.

Am I ready?

In the middle of the desert, when you are empty and thirsty, there will be an elim, your little oasis.

I know. I have strumbled across mine at times.

Sometimes they are life-refreshing. Three months after my Dad passed away, my man proposed. God met me in my desert that day.

Other days, there are snippets of beauty which are little but just as significant. Like the $2 coin to be found at the bottom of your handbag or the lady who stopped me on the side of the street last week to tell me she liked my dress.

Today, I will seek out beauty.

It will not evade me. I will find those precious moments. I will allow my soul refresment. 

And I will remember this tulip; it was taken on a magical day. A day where time stopped still and God captured my heart with flowers and picnics, sunsets and rolling waves. The next day I lost my Dad. But today's story is not sad. This tulip is forever my reminder that there is pure joy to be had. Now seek it...

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