Friday, 18 March 2011

Defined by a Tree

There is a large totara tree that stands on Waiheke Island and it has come to symbolise our relationship, our marriage.

It's hardly surprising. When Mr. and I first became friends I asked him to sketch me a tree, which I stuck on my walls for years. Even when I moved houses and was in a different relationship, I still kept that drawing in a box. So fastforward four years, Mr. and I are engaged. We have discovered we both find trees captivating and so, to celebrate a year we head to the magical Waiheke Island. We find this totara tree and spend a while getting photos, yet to realise this exact tree will come to represent 'us'.

It was our wedding symbol...

...from invites, to programs, to seating boards..that tree just kept creeping in!

There are some cool things about the totara tree:

  • it is known for it's longevity
  • it is very resistant to rot
  • it is durable
  • the Maori prized this tree over any other in the New Zealand forest due to its usefulness
  • it was used as a source of shelter, food and medicine in earlier times

I hope our marriage can take on some of these attributes!

If this represents us, what defines or symbolises you?

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